2022 Agenda

We will update the 2023 agenda as soon as it is finalized. Until then – take a look at the 2022 agenda to get a feel for what the On-Farm Intensive is like.

Morning coffee, lunch will be served on-site both days and dinner will also be served on the first day. Parking will be available. Water and restrooms will be available, but we encourage you to bring extra water and snacks. Please dress appropriately for the weather, wear closed-toed shoes, and bring a hat and sun block.


Karl Dallefeld
President, Prairie Creek Seed

Karl has been involved with agronomy for the past 30 years and utilizes forages and cover crops in his own cattle operation. He has made a name for himself throughout the seed industry by speaking about forages and practical management in the U.S. and Canada at numerous educational presentations and conferences. In 2009, Karl co-founded Prairie Creek Seed to provide the best genetics and management advice to farmers. Karl is driven to support agriculture and farmers as they work to improve their profitability and land stewardship. Karl oversees the company’s operations, is the leader in developing forage products, assists with general sales, provides tech support, and continues to teach producers the benefits of utilizing high quality forages and focusing on soil health.

Keefe Keeley
Co-Executive Director , Savanna Institute

Keefe helps lead the Savanna Institute’s work to advance agroforestry as a solution for land, climate, and farming communities. He is passionate about connecting agroforestry and food system work with allied efforts in economic development, social justice, and restoration ecology. Keefe’s experience includes farm business, research, public agency, and civil society initiatives. His academic background includes completing degrees in biology from Swarthmore College, in agroecology from University of Wisconsin, a year on farms in four continents as a Watson fellow, and a bioregional anthology called The Driftless Reader. He loves absconding with wife and kiddo from his home in Madison to go pick apples in his neglected orchard.

David Knaus
David Knaus
Apical Crop Science

David Knaus is the founder of Apical Crop Science LLC, a Portland Oregon area Ag-tech company that leverages modern laboratory analytics, online data science and complex organic crop inputs to provide growers with the tools they need. His goal is to help customers find the best products and systems to grow extremely healthy, optimal yielding crops organically with minimal pest problems. David is a certified International Crop Advisor with more than 15 years of experience in plant and soil science, organic crop management and college-level instruction in sustainable agriculture.

Organization: Apical Crop Science

Erin Silva
University of wisconsin

Bio: Dr. Silva is a professor in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her research includes projects involving organic no-till production, organic cover crop systems, participatory breeding and trialing in organic systems, and cost-of-production tools for diversified organic vegetable producers. Erin currently serves as co-facilitator of the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council and an Associate Director of the University of Wisconsin Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.

The Savanna Institute

The Savanna Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with farmers and scientists to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry adoption in the Midwest US. Inspired by the native savanna ecosystems that once covered much of this region, the Savanna Institute conducts research, education, and outreach to support the growth of diverse, perennial agroecosystems.


  1. Where is the farm located?
  2. What is Acres U.S.A.?
  3. I’m an owner of a small acreage. Is this worth my time?
  4. I own a large commercial farm. Is this for me?
  5. Where can I stay?
  6. Can I camp?
  7. What type of clothes should I wear?
  8. Do I need transportation once the event begins?
  9. What if I have to cancel?
  10. Can I transfer my registration if I can’t make it?

Where is the farm located?

The event will actually be on two farms located close to each other near Lone Rock, Wisconsin. Registrants will get the address of both locations as part of the registration welcome packet.

What is Acres U.S.A.?

Acres U.S.A. is the Voice of Eco-Agriculture, founded in 1971. We are a media and education company that produces events, books, magazines, podcasts and all type of media to help farmers learn soil health management tactics around the world.

I’m an owner of a small acreage. Is this worth my time?

Yes! Learning how to manage small properties with these tactics will allow you to increase the ROI on your investment, no matter the exact strategies and tactics you decide to implement when you return home.

I own a large commercial farm. Is this for me?

Yes! Often times it is the large commercial farmers who can benefit the most from looking at their land differently. Maximize your corner pivot space, side lots and use the biological soil health practices on every inch of your property.

Where can I stay?

There are a number of beautiful rural hotels and motels in the region. Madison, the state capital, is also just an hour away from the venue.

Can I camp?

Camping on site may or may not be allowed. Stay tuned for more details. There are state parks nearby. Visit the Nearby Attractions pages for links to learn more.

What type of clothes should I wear?

Bring layers. The weather could be hot, cold, rainy or dry, so be prepared for a little of all four. Please also bring sunscreen, head cover, rain gear and shoes appropriate for walking around fields and handling equipment.

Do I need transportation once the event begins?

Yes. We will be moving between farms for some of the workshops, which will give you breaks during the day. Arranging a way to get between the fields holding the workshop will be required.

What if I have to cancel?

Sorry, no refunds. Your registration can be transferred to someone else’s name if you cannot attend; please contact our office. 

Cancellations received through June 16, 2021 are entitled to an 80% credit to be applied to Acres U.S.A. subscriptions, books, DVDs, audio CDs, or future conference fees. 

For cancellations/no-shows received after June 16, 2021, we will do our best to fill your spot. If it is filled you are entitled to an 80% credit to be applied to Acres U.S.A. subscriptions, books, DVDs, audio CDs, or future conference fees. If we cannot fill your spot last minute no refund will be issued. 

Can I transfer my registration if I can’t make it?  

Yes. You can transfer your registration up to the day before event by calling Hannah Fields at the Acres U.S.A. office at 1-800-355-5313 or by emailing

More Information  

If you have questions or changes please email or call 1-800-355-5313.